Martin V.
I am photographer specialising in Food photography who shoot for restaurants and cafes around the world. We cover food shots (top-down, flat-lays, angled), the chef and staff involved in preparation and serving, the interiors and exteriors-depending on individual client's requirements.
I will upload all the photos, and the clients shortlist the top photos they would like edited and to download in high-resolution once approved. 
I make it simple, quick and affordable!
Chewable pics
Professional photo and video services for the gourmet food culture. 
Printed or digital, online or in-situ, in your hand or framed on the wall, static like a photograph, or dazzling movement through a screen, Chewable Pics offers a wide range of products for your establishment.

Chewable pics brings affordable quality images to your business. 

Thanks to the internet, digital customers can now visit a restaurant through their images. Having a menu with a high population of images is key for a business who wants to reach far and wide. Chewable Pics' photographic style is compliant with Australia's most popular food delivery apps, therefore the same images can be used for such online services.

Develop a strong audiovisual campaign for your business with Chewable Pics:

- Printed images for interior walls.
- Menus with a sample image of every dish that is cooked in the kitchen.
- Signage with intellectually owned photographic material.
- Short looping videos displayed in TV screens across the restaurant's rooms.
- Marketing and advertisement material for social media.
- Special event photo & video coverage. Weddings, functions, live bands, inaugurations.